What Do You Think of When You Hear The Word ......... "EASTER"?

Even as a Christian, each year as the Easter season approached I felt guilty that I wasn't more "caught up" in the significance of what happened on that day some 2,000 years ago. I felt committed to the Lord, and I understood why Christ had to die for us, but I just never got to where the sadness and then the absolute joy of the season affected me emotionally. Maybe, it was because Easter isn't on the same date each year and seems to sneak up on a person? And quite possibly, I was excited about Spring and my mind too busy with planning the summer's projects? Whatever the reason, it bothered me! I prayed and asked God to help me understand fully and have a true feeling for what had transpired in those few days, a sense of the torture and suffering that Jesus went through, and then the glory and tremendous transformation as the stone was rolled aside and our Lord was resurrected! As is often the case, God answered my prayer and continues to expound on His teaching me. The movie, "Passion of the Christ", was a quite factual depiction of events that really put feeling into people, almost giving a sense of standing there and watching the crucifixion events transpire. I also have learned that, when I don't grasp those thoughts and feelings that God wants us to learn, there are other things hindering my relationship with Him and that those issues need to be confessed and resolved. Think about the horror and sorrow leading up to Jesus' death on the cross, think about the darkness that came over the earth that afternoon, and the curtain in the temple being ripped from top to bottom. Think about the personal sadness His followers felt. Now, think about the surprise that the guards and other visitors experienced when they saw that a massive stone had been pushed aside from the opening of the tomb, and the renewed hope in Christ's followers as they realized ...... what He had been telling them, had come true. He had died. His Father in Heaven had made Jesus alive, again, and forever more. And, our sins had been removed to where we would one day be able to join Him in heaven! He has risen!

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