Let The Beauty Of Jesus Be Seen In Me

Early one recent morning, I was driving and was in awe at how beautiful everything was! The sun was rising and it lit up the countryside. Farm fields displayed their young crops, and neatly trimmed lawns shown of their green splendor. A perfect day in the making! Except for one thing. In the brilliance of the sun, my windshield was showing, without doubt, that it was dirty, and needed to be cleaned. Such a beautiful morning, so much to see, and yet the value of that moment was deeply discounted because that dirty glass.

That dirty windshield reminded me of the type of life, we as Christians should be leading. Always, always being watchful of what we do so that the beauty of God in us remains bright, clear, and without blemish. What are people seeing when they look at me? Do they see the image of God through me, or are there too many imperfections and flaws showing? We would never want a flaw in our reflection of Christ to hinder another person's growth in Christ! We should strive to make sure God’s reflection in us stays clear.

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