First Baptist Church of Grove City
would like to welcome its new pastor,
Aaron VanDuinen  and his family!

Pastor Aaron grew up in New Era, Michigan. He was raised to know God, and Jesus became Savior and Lord early in his life.


After graduating from Shelby High School in 2001, he received a bachelor’s degree to teach Secondary Math. Shortly after graduating, he was hired as a Math teacher near where he grew up. He married Emily and they lived in west Michigan for three years.


However, God had other plans for them and in 2011, he called them out to Sioux City, Iowa. They have resided just outside of Sioux City for the last nine years. During this season of life, Aaron served as an associate pastor, a teacher, and a school chaplain. In 2012, Aaron answered God's call to the ministry and attended Liberty University. In 2020, he began his pastoral duties here at First Baptist.


Aaron, Emily and their three children Aliza, Willa & Luke now reside in the area.

Pastor Aaron can be reached at the church, 320-857-2495

or by cell phone at 712-823-8337.

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