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Taken from the 23rd Psalm, “Beside Still Waters” is written by a variety of people at, and friends of First Baptist. It is meant to provide a sense of reflection, a source of encouragement, and a peaceful time of praise and worship in this busy age we live in.

Cultivating Our Christian Lives

To many of us, the spring of the year had us busy with gardening chores. Setting young plants, watering, fertilizing, and the never ending challenge of pulling or cultivating weeds. Often, while weeding in our gardens, I can't help but compare the gardening experience to our Christian lives. The seed of a life with Christ is planted, but without basic care and nurturing that seed, and then as a young plant, will grow poorly, or be overtaken by the weeds of sin, or, that new Christian life may shrivel and dry up. In a vegetable garden, the weeds that grow often look very much like the plant that you are cultivating. In our potatoes, for instance, there is a weed that looks very much like a p

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