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Taken from the 23rd Psalm, “Beside Still Waters” is written by a variety of people at, and friends of First Baptist. It is meant to provide a sense of reflection, a source of encouragement, and a peaceful time of praise and worship in this busy age we live in.

What Did I Do Wrong?

Some time ago, my wife and I went through some tough financial times. For me personally, it seemed that I couldn't do anything to get ahead. Work was slow. Crop prices were low and weather had a part in poor yields. Even in non-financial matters, things didn't seem to go right. Going through those times, you seemingly "beat your head against the wall" trying to figure out whats wrong and why God doesn't help me turn things around ? Did I do something displeasing to God that wasn't confessed? I was well aware that God will make the best out of any situation that is in his will. I had learned that in my own life many times over. And, I also knew that God's timing is perfect, that He is faith

What Will People Think?

Several months ago as I often do, I was checking the obituaries on a website for a funeral home in the town I grew up in. Going down the list of names, I came across the name of a fellow whom I hadn't seen in over forty years. Bob had worked in a local hardware store that my parents patronized.He was always very cheerful. And more than once I remember when Dad and Mom were going through some tough financial times, Bob seemed to come to the rescue with lower cost alternatives, some how-to instruction, or even carrying the bill for a short time. On occasion over the last forty some years, I would think of that hardware store, the town, of Bob, and the good memories his actions back then had l

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