About Us

 As described above in  it's "Welcome", First Baptist of Grove City is a church made up of people raised in various denominations. And different work backgrounds, social standings, and personal struggles.  But none of that matters!  Our God loves each of us ..... and You equally!  And He uses those differences in us to His glory!


The Lord has blessed this church richly and it's people have continued to serve Him for what will be 150 years in 2016!  That doesn't mean the past century and a half were without struggles. In fact there were some that threatened the very existence of the church. But God teaches and strengthens through those difficult times. He did in 1866 and every year since. And we have the faith to know without doubt that He will continue!


Come experience God through His spirit!   We'd love to have you join us! 

1866 to 2016

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